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Carry-on shield model CS-2

Carry-on shield.jpg

Carry-on shield model CS-2 for stopping handgun bullet/knife (patents pending).

US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) protection levels:

  • bulletproof level-NIJ II (0.357 magnum or 9 mm bullet)

  • stab-proof level- NIJ I edged blade (knife).

Total weight 2 lb. (1 kg).


Unfolded shield's dimensions:

    11" (27 cm, width) x 22" (55 cm, length) x 0.35" (9 mm, thickness).


The carry-on shield is a pioneering bullet/stab-proof armor or a simple helmet. It can protect your head, heart and more, during shootings, stabbings and explosion (made in USA). The main panel of this shield complies with US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic and stab protection standards.


Total weight is less than 2 lb (or 1 kg). This shield could be placed in a backpack, luggage, or a large purse.  Its helmet function can be used during earthquakes or shootings. While facing a threat (someone entered your house with a weapon), use the upper main panel to cover your chest. If running away from a threat, use the shield to cover your back. While facing a threat (someone entered your office or classroom with a weapon, but you were not able to run away), hold the shield as a traditional shield to fight

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