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Creating a secure worship environment without comprising openness 

Vigilance was written for ministers, staff, and church leaders that have an interest in church security, but lack an in-depth knowledge of the subject. It was written for busy church leaders that need a straight forward and easy to comprehend reference on the subject. It offers a basic understanding of the elements of an effective security program. Its purpose is to help enhance a church's security, regardless of size or location, without diminishing it's welcoming atmosphere. 

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introduces the steps needed to build an effective security team that can deal with medical and building emergencies, and natural disasters, as well as violence, and active shooter situations. 

Topics include:

  • Violence prevention,

  • Interdiction and mitigation,

  • Verbal de-escalation,

  • Effective coordination with police and first responders,

  • Crisis management,

  • Establishing security and emergency response teams,

  • Rules and Codes of Conduct,

  • Creating an effective Emergency Response Plan.

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