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Creating a secure worship environment in a insecure world
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Vigilance was written for church leaders interested in practical church security. Its purpose is to help enhance a church's security, regardless of size or location, without diminishing it's welcoming atmosphere. 

Vigilance is a straightforward and easy to read reference that focuses on the foundational concepts of church security. It provides an understanding of the elements of an effective security program/ministry.

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Introduces the steps needed to build an effective security/emergency response team that can deal with medical and building emergencies, and natural disasters, as well as violence, and active shooter situations. 

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$12.00 (plus $3.00 S&H)

Total:  $15.00

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Topics include:

  • Violence prevention

  • Interdiction and mitigation

  • Verbal de-escalation

  • Coordinating with police & first responders

  • Crisis management

  • Establishing emergency response teams

  • Rules and Codes of Conduct

  • Creating an Emergency Response Plan

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