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Electric Power & Utility Security


Security Training and Advisory Services

Helping utilities prepare for the unexpected


InDev Tactical offers training and advisory services for utilities

InDev specializes in emergency response and staying safe during crises

The InDev Tactical approach combines combat-honed security skills with utility experience

InDev consultants have international security experience and knowledge of utility security programs

CEO Jim Willis is a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist and Homeland Security Expert with over 30 years of experience in electric distribution systems

InDev's proprietary training series, ASSIST©, focuses on active shooter and violence prevention.

[1] InDev Tactical is a division of InDev Specialists, Inc.


[2] Certified by Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board, & the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security


ã ASSIST, Active Shooter and Security Incident Safety Training, and related materials are copyrights of Jim Willis. All rights reserved

InDev can ensure compliance with all Federal and state regulations and requirements for physical security including:






Presidential Policy Directives

PPD-8: National Preparedness

HSPPD 7: Critical Infrastructure Identification, Prioritization, and Protection



RUS Bulletin 1730B-2

RUS Bulletin 1724E-300


VRA and ERP Certification

Water System -RuralandSmallSystemsGuidebook2016 - (VSAT)

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