Church & Non Profit Security

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COVID-19 and the current social unrest have impacted us all. Stress and anxiety have reached staggering proportions.  The church is not immune to the aggression and hostility stemming from these events. We need to enhance our security efforts as we strive to minister and care for those in need.

In over the summer and fall of 2020, we will be presenting online training and events to help you enhance security for your church and its many outreaches and ministries.

InDev is looking for host churches to help us present our introductory church security seminar in the coming months. “Grasping the Shepard’s Staff” provides a general audience introduction to church security which makes it great for anyone with an interest in a better understanding of church security concepts. It brings together valuable security knowledge and practical real-world experience, with valuable insight from local law enforcement!

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Church Security Awareness Seminar  "Grasping the Shepherd's Staff"

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InDev Tactical

What We Offer...​


Faith-based organization risk assessments and security consulting

Emergency Response Planning

Training & professional development

Train-the-trainer programs

Staff Education (on-site & on-line)

Resource planning, grant writing, & fundraising

Domestic & international mission exploration,
planning, & development

InDev provides church and nonprofit security training and advisory services, and leadership and management consulting from professionals with real world security expertise, business experience, and organizational leadership.


Our team includes security specialists, ministers and nonprofit organizational experts experienced in church and nonprofit operations, administration, and management; leadership development, organizational design, corporate culture, and change management.

InDev offers pragmatic solutions to operational problems and problematical issues, remedies for mission slip and program misalignment, and expertise in dealing effectively with catastrophic situations.

We help clients solve security based issues and operational problems with innovative solutions that fit the client’s beliefs, theology, and principals.


InDev can provide speakers to address scheduling issues and engagement problems.



Professional Speakers Bureau

  • Keynote speakers

  • Conference speakers

  • Meeting moderators

  • Workshop & retreat facilitators

Special Event Coordination

  • VIP protection planning

  • Special Event Security planning

  • Conference management advisory assistance

  • Retreats, meetings, & workshops

Contracted Services

  • Subscription based continuing advisory assistance

  • Crisis Management advisory assistance

  • Special equipment purchasing and training

  • Special project security oversite

Our Focus...


Security Training

Security Consulting

Crisis Management 

Crisis Communication & PR

Leadership Development Training
International Mission Development
Communication and Public Relations

Our Specialties...​
  • Helping churches understand and plan for the unexpected

  • Providing strategic planning and tactical approaches

  • Managing catastrophic situations and mitigating collateral damage

  • Helping you develop life-changing experiences through short & long-term international mission projects and development programs in Africa, Asia, and other developing areas.