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Calvin L. Robertson CAS



Calvin is a senior training & security expert for InDev Specialists, Inc., and its security division InDev Tactical. He has over 9 years military and security operations experience. Mr. Robertson is a certified anti-terrorism specialist with expertise in counter terrorism, training, and security operations. He has extensive knowledge of security procedures and protection protocols.


Conflict & Post Conflict Operations: Mr. Robertson has extensive experience in conflict/post-conflict field operations, reconnaissance, and situational assessments. He has participated in military and security operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo.


Security Operations: Mr. Robertson has participated in multiple security operations in Afghanistan with InDev Tactical as well as other security organizations such as Triple Canopy. He has extensive training and experience in security operations and procedures in the US and abroad. He has managed security operations in Afghanistan and was responsible for static and dynamic security guard operations, Personal Security Detail (PSD) teams, route/convoy security, intelligence monitoring, situational analysis, and site assessments. His work has carried him throughout Afghanistan including Kabul, Kandahar, and Logar provinces.


Capacity Building and Training: Mr. Robertson is a subject matter expert with extensive training experience in security operations and protection procedures both in the US and overseas. In Afghanistan, he provided training to American, Afghan, and NATO security personnel. In the US he provides security training to businesses, schools and church groups.


Certifications: Mr. Robertson is an anti-terrorism expert with certifications in homeland security and anti-terrorism from the US DOD. He has completed the InDev Tactical certified protection specialist and anti-terrorism specialist programs.


Calvin’s Certifications include:

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, & High Explosives (CBRNE)

  • Combat Lifesaver (CLS)

  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device Course (C-IED)

  • Warrior Leaders Course (WLC)


Small Arms Instructor at Double Victor Training Center

Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM)

Advanced Rifle Marksmanship (ARM)

Close Quarters Shooting (CQS)

Pistol: Basic, Advanced, and Close Quarters Shooting.



Mr. Robertson holds a

Certificate in Intelligence Collection and Homeland Security from Henley-Putnam University

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the American Military University (AMU)

Pursuing a Masters of Science in Intelligence at AMU

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