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J. Wesley (Jay) Willis CAS


Jay is a senior training and a security specialist for InDev Specialists, Inc., and its security division InDev Tactical. He has 14 years technical and professional expertise military and security operations. Mr. Willis is a certified anti-terrorism expert with expertise in counter-terrorism, training, and security operations. He has extensive knowledge of security procedures and protection protocols.


Conflict & Post Conflict Operations: Mr. Willis has experience in conflict/post-conflict field operations, reconnaissance, and situational assessments. He has participated in security operations in East Timor and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he was a Designated Squad Marksman (DSM).


Security Operations: Mr. Willis has extensive training and experience in security operations and procedures in the US and abroad. He has managed security operations in Afghanistan and is responsible for static and dynamic security guard operations, PSD teams, route/convoy security, intelligence monitoring, situational analysis, and site assessments. His work has carried him throughout Afghanistan including Kabul, Kandahar, and Logar provinces.


Capacity Building and Training: Mr. Wills is a subject matter expert with extensive training experience in security operations and protection procedures. In Afghanistan, he provided training to American, Afghan, and NATO security personnel. In the US he has provided security training to businesses, schools and church groups.


Certifications: Mr. Willis is an anti-terrorism expert with certifications in homeland security and anti-terrorism from the US DOD. He is certified as nonlethal weapons instructor by the DOD and by Taser International. He has completed the FBI’s Executive Protective Service and Anti-terrorism Evasive Driver training programs at the FBI training facility in Quantico Virginia. He has completed the InDev Tactical certified protection specialist and anti-terrorism specialist programs.


Jay’s certifications include:    

NATO weapons:

M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol 45 ACP, M9 9mm pistol, M4 carbine, M16A2, M11, MP5, 12-gauge tactical shotgun


Warsaw Pact weapons:

AK-47, AK-74, RPK-74, PKM light machine gun


Certified Nonlethal weapons:

Taser X26E and M26E, OC spray, Baton

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