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Kenneth (Ken) E. Shumaker CAS (Candidate)


Mr. Shumaker is Vice President for Marketing and Technical Services for InDev Specialists, Inc., and its operating divisions InDev Tactical and IMMC. His background in banking and management along with his experience in security procedures and protection protocols make him a valuable member of the InDev team. Ken has been a member of Manassas Baptist Church for over 20 years and served on the church’s security team for more than 6 years.


Client Liaison and Representative: Mr. Shumaker leads the client support team.  Ken works with clients to determine their specific needs and areas of concern, and helps develop response packages to remedy the problems identified. Ken often conducts the initial onsite evaluation to determine the scope of vulnerabilities and assist the client in developing an effective approach that fits their unique needs. His goal is to help create an action plan that categorizes problems and develops solutions that builds client confidence and satisfaction.


Program Management and Coordination: Mr. Shumaker has extensive experience in program coordination, logistics, and management. He assists in program implementation with a focus on ensuring all goals and objectives are met, on time and on budget. Ken is responsible for following up with the client to confirm the job, whether training or advisory assistance, was completed to their satisfaction, and determine any next steps that may be required.


Capacity Building and Training: Mr. Shumaker is an experienced trainer and presenter. He provides training in a myriad of subjects including introductions to security, management, and communication for businesses, schools and church groups. He has a grasp of the program concepts and extensive knowledge of each area of instruction.


Certifications: Mr. Shumaker is currently completing the requirements as a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS).  Ken has completed the InDev Tactical initial certification training and has chosen church/religious and business security as his focus area for his continuing education.


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