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  • Ken Shumaker

A “Gun-Free Zone” is a “Safety-Free Zone”?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Like most, I enjoy taking my family out for a nice dinner on occasion. However, I have become very careful about where I eat, and not for the reason you are thinking. I prefer to go where officers of the law or people who exercise their Second Amendment rights are welcome. Restaurants that not only do not allow people to legally carry on their premises, often also place large and visible “Gun-Free Zone” signs should instead just put up a sign advertising that they are easy targets for potential criminals and terrorist.

There are several major restaurants in the nation that do not allow you to carry, however some of these go even further and will not even let our law-enforcement officers enter the premises unless they are unarmed. Buffalo Wild Wings is one such nearsighted business. My family and most of our friends have decided to never step foot in that place again until they end this dangerous policy. But when a serious emergency occurs, these same locations will desperately rely on the same officers, whom they don’t trust on their free time, to come to the rescue. I wish our police could say, “Sorry we can’t enter the building we’re armed.” Take a minute and think about where these cowards are attacking us. They happen in places that do not allow self-protection!

Remember back in history, what was one of the reasons that Japan was willing to attack Pearl Harbor and not the main land of the United States? As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is believed to have said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. It has become painfully clear that the places which are being targeted are places that do not allow citizens to carry. Since the Clinton Administration, military bases do not allow military personnel to carry on base. Imagine the attacks at Ft. Hood Texas, Knoxville Tennessee, or the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, if the soldiers, sailors, and marines who we allow to carry arms to attack those in other countries were allowed to protect themselves in their own homeland.

Now in saying that, be diligent if you carry a self-protection device as it will change many aspects of your life. If you plan on carrying, do it regularly, not just when you feel like it. Be smart and don’t be a show off. Many places have stopped people from carrying on their property because Johnny Be-Bad wants to strap a AK-47 or an AR-15 to his back and walk into Starbucks just to get a cup of coffee! If this is your attitude please leave it at home! Always remember that your rights come with responsibilities. Such obnoxious and thoughtless action just gives ammunition to the anti-gun establishment. Don’t go out of your way to appear like the monster people want to portray you as.

We as law-abiding American citizens should show respect to our law enforcement. If you are questioned about your weapon do exactly what the officer says. Make sure if you are stopped for a vehicle infraction when giving the officer your driver’s license you also give him your concealed license at the same time. Don’t surprise the officer, which can turn dangerous. You don’t want to escalate an otherwise routine stop with preventable issues. Be aware that when he runs your license he will be alerted by the police computer you are a carrier.

Carrying is a life changing event, don’t take it lightly! As a licensed carrier you have responsibilities, and one of these is be true to yourself. Ask yourself why am I carrying? Are you carrying just because everyone else is or just because it is your right? If those are the only reasons then maybe you should not carry. However, if you are carrying because you are trained and you want to protect your family and friends or even people that are not your friends but fellow citizens then do so safely.

If you are interested in the top of the line hand gun training please contact us at InDev Tactical. We have the skills and the trainers to provide excellent defense training. Be smart and watch the signs No Weapons allowed and avoid these places they are not SAFE!

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