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Reflecting on a Tragedy: For Sheriff and Other Respondents, Shootings Posed Harrowing Test

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This is a well written article about the role of law enforcement and the Chaplain during an emergency. You can go the full article below the excerpt.


BY: Kathy Hanks, The Hutchinson News, Kan. I March 1, 2016

'He was just spraying. The deputy and police chief go in taking fire and, thank God, shoot and kill the shooter.'

Kathy Hanks, The Hutchinson News, Kan. | March 1, 2016

For Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton and Community Chaplain Jason Reynolds, the past four days have been a blur.

While Walton was tasked with responding to a very dangerous situation, Reynolds was tasked with supporting first responders like Walton and all the others who showed up immediately at the mass shooting at Hesston's Excel Industries, where four people, including the shooter, were killed Thursday and 14 others injured . . .

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