• by Jim Willis

Rappahannock EC provides employee verbal de-escalation training

Last week I was privileged to conduct three Verbal De-escalation training sessions for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC), as part of their monthly safety training program.

The training introduced effective techniques for dealing with difficult people, de-escalating conflict, and staying safe during hostile encounters. Training focused on the unique issues faced by those working on the power system including line crews, right-of-way teams, and member service techs. The attendees were attentive as we discussed the various issues, and engaged as volunteers took part in demonstrations and exercises.

It’s clear that REC is dedicated to safety and security. They have a top-flight safety team led by Maxi Rozell, Manager of Safety, Security, and Risk Management. It’s clear that Rappahannock Electric Cooperative is as committed to its employees as it is to providing reliable service to its members.

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