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  • by Jim Willis

Roanoke Electric Cooperative conducts active shooter and violence prevention training

Friday, Nov 10, Roanoke Electric Cooperative (REC) in Ahoskie, NC provided their employees with workplace violence and active shooter training. REC chose InDev Tactical and their “ASSIST” program. ASSIST- Active Shooter & Security Incident Safety Training, is a proprietary training program developed to meet the unique needs of electric co-ops and public power systems.

I had the privilege of leading this full day training for the staff and employees of this fine organization. We had great engagement and participation, as well as a little fun along the way. Each training session included a Level-I Active Shooter Exercise. These low intensity, low stress exercises walk the participants through the steps of recognizing what’s happening, what to do, and how to do it.

The participation by Mr. Curtis Wynn, CEO, and his senior staff greatly contributed to the success of the program. It sends a strong signal of the co-op’s commitment to safety and security when the management team is able to attend and participate in such training.

Lt. Jeremy Roberts of the Ahoskie PD participated in the training to discuss local law enforcement response procedures and answer questions from the local perspective.

Becky Alston, REC’s Coordinator of Safety and Loss Control, did an excellent job setting up and hosting the program. The success of the program is a direct result of her efforts. Becky recognized the need for training, researched available resources to address the need, chose InDev, and then worked to make it happen for Roanoke Electric Cooperative.

If you think ASSIST would could be useful for your organization, contact myself or a member of the InDev team and we would be excited to get things started.

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