• Jim Willis

Active shooter and violence prevention training at Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

I recently had the opportunity to lead security training for Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative (BEC) in Bastrop Texas. I appreciate that BEC chose InDev Tactical and our “ASSIST” program (with an active shooter exercise component) as their training platform.

“ASSIST” - Active Shooter & Security Incident Safety Training, is a proprietary training program developed by InDev. The Co-op ASSIST platform focuses on the unique needs of electric co-ops and public power systems.

This assignment called for training to be conducted at different BEC facilities over the course of a week. The training focused on sharpening employee response skills in workplace violence and active shooter situations.

Each training session included Level-I Active Shooter Exercises injected into the program throughout the day. To be clear, InDev’s active shooter exercises are distinctly different from active shooter drills. These low intensity/low stress exercises walk participants through the steps of recognizing and responding to various active shooter scenarios. This lowkey approach develops the skills needed to determine what’s happening, what to do, and how to do it without undue anxiety or distress.

An interesting outcome of the active shooter exercises was insight into how the unique characteristics of the different buildings, office layouts, and operational environments impacted the results. This intelligence will be incorporated into BEC security planning and used to fine-tune recognition and response procedures, further enhancing overall security.

The participation of Mr. Matt Bentke, Bluebonnet CEO, and the senior staff sent a strong signal of the co-op’s commitment to security and the wellbeing of its employees. The success of this training is the result of the efforts of Robert Thompson, BEC Safety Manager, and the BEC safety team. Robert was instrumental in advancing the need for training, researching available resources, and in selecting InDev. He and the safety team worked diligently to make this training a reality for Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative.

If you think ASSIST would be useful for your organization, contact me or any member of the InDev team. We would be happy our training options with you.

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