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NCEMC/NCEAC hosts active shooter and violence prevention training

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC) and North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives (NCAEC) recently provided employee security training at their Raleigh North Carolina headquarters. InDev Tactical (InDev) was engaged to provide the training and the “ASSIST” program chosen as the training platform.

“ASSIST” - Active Shooter & Security Incident Safety Training, is a proprietary training program developed by InDev. The Co-op ASSIST platform focuses on the unique needs of electric co-ops and public power systems’

The training focused on enhancing the employees’ abilities to avoid aggression and introduced skills that help recognize and respond to violence and active shooter situations.

The training used a lowkey approach that injected appropriate humor and wit while respecting the subject and participants. This training model allowed participants to process intense subject matter without undue anxiety or distress.

NCEMC is a generation and transmission cooperative owned by the local electric cooperatives across North Carolina.

NCAEC is a trade association owned by North Carolina’s local electric cooperatives.

InDev is a security consultant that provides training, security advisory assistance, and crisis management services tailored to the unique needs of each client.

If you think ASSIST would be useful for your organization, contact me or any member of the InDev team. We would be happy our training options with you.

Contact: Jim Willis: 703-623-6819 or

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