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Tactical  Stun Gun Flashlight - Rechargeable - Black


  • Overall length: 6.75"

  • Construction: Aircraft grade aluminum

    • Combat grade aluminum body withstands extreme and punishing conditions

  • Concealed metal prongs are creatively placed on the crowned bezel so as not to cause accidental self-harm

  • Incredibly electrical crackle sound that warns off many would be attackers

  • Bright LED flashlight can has 3 modes: low, high, or strobe

    • Powerful strobe function combined with stun gun capabilities gives you the ability to temporarily disable your assailants, with a combination of blinding, disorientation, and electroshock jabs

  • Conveniently located safety switch on the bottom of the handle allows the user to safely disable the stun portion of the flashlight to prevent accidental injury

  • Handle mounted wrist strap allows user to maintain control of the stun gun in the event of an altercation

  • Long-lasting, built-in rechargeable battery with convenient wall-charging plug-in adapter

Stungun 3.jpg
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